Wednesday California Mix Dance

Go for 1940s or 1950s glamour and dance the sultry Argentine tango this Friday, January 11, at the grand opening of Milonga LUNA in Studio City. The evening features a pre-milonga workshop and a mid-milonga performance by “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographers Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo.

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Rodeo cowboy Ty Murray and Chelsea Hightower’s Tango performance earned them a 25 with the judges. Bruno commented on Ty’s strength and tenacity. Carrie Ann said he’s come quite a distance. Len thought he captured the flavor and essence of the dance and said this had Ty’s best dance significantly in level of competition. Ty and Chelsea’s Rumba scored a 21 from the judges. Len thought it was sweet that Ty performed his solo in front of his wife, Jewel, and then said, “You went ranging from a peacock in order to some feather duster coat.” Bruno said Ty rrs extremely likeable, but in the quarterfinals, it is just about ability. Carrie Ann think it is creative although not enough for the finals. Combining the scores from both dances, Ty and Chelsea have a score of 46 putting them at the bottom of your leader lap board.